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    Burgerhout is a beautiful old quarter, located next to the center of Roosendaal. It is one of the oldest districts in the city of Roosendaal. The atmosphere and the beautiful buildings make it a nice living environment. And we would like to like that! On the initiative of the government, platforms have been established that serve the interests of residents in a neighborhood. Platform Burgerhout is one of these and has been active since 2004. To get more information visit the following website.

    A platform consists of volunteers who represent their neighborhood. They consult with the municipality, residents, police, housing associations and other necessary bodies. A platform is subsidized by the municipality and is part of the social affairs portfolio.

    The subjects that handle a platform are of a variety of nature. This depends on what’s happening in a neighborhood.
    There is a lot going on in our area and there are many things going on, so several workgroups were set up. At the Burgerhout Platform we currently have 3 working groups: Traffic, Safety, Gray and Green; Building and Renovation

    For more information about their goals and activities, click on the desired workgroup in the menu under Burgerhout platform. Platform Burgerhout is supported by Anton van Bijnen of the SIW. We wish you a lot of fun on our website and hope that you may want to become a member after viewing our site. Professional carpet cleaners Croydon



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